What should I do before my parents get old?


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-A Retirement Plan because they need to know how much money they can take out each year, and how much they can do with that money. Without a retirement plan they won’t know if they have the money to travel once a year or 5 times a year.

- Retirement money If in the US, Social Security alone isn’t going to cut it even if they just sell the big house, move to a small one.

-Reconcile any health vs house difficulties. If they’re in a house with lots of stairs, but there’s a family history of needing a walker in late life, then that’s going to be an issue. They may need to either sell the house and move, or start work on the necessary accessibility changes they’ll need later.

- A durable power of attorney and medical wishes so that if they are ever incapacitated or rendered incapable of self-care, they’ll have someone appointed ahead of time to take over those responsibilities.


-To not be dependent on your parents financially. Too many able-bodied and mentally capable adults are living with their parents as moochers. With parents soon losing their income, they won’t be able to financially tap into the massive savings they’ve built up for someone else’s needs, because that money needs to last for upwards of 30+ years.

- Your own savings set aside for parental care. Some medical issues are VERY expensive, even with the best health insurance money can buy. They can quickly eat up a couple’s retirement savings. If you can set aside backup money of your own just in case that happens, it will give you and your parents more options in the future should something big come up.

- To have your OWN will and power of attorney and medical wishes that address your parent’s care and well being, not just your own. If something happens to you, and your parents are in a state where they are dependent on your care and/or money, you NEED to have someone appointed ahead of time to take over your duties.


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As a 70-year old, I can tell you what I like as a parent. I like it when my son asks if I want to go to a Timberwolves game or fishing on Rainy Lake. My wife and I both enjoy an evening together with the son and his wife playing Scrabble or Catan. We are planning a long trip together for the near future.

If your parents are mature and happy, they will enjoy having you around for some special days but really are not quite “over the hill,” as far as having a life of their own. In my view, aging is hardly a disaster.

And what I really appreciate is a long phone conversation every week.